The End of my Studio Tenancy

Well, I enjoyed my time in the little studio space I rented out in Poole. The tenancy has now ended and I’ve had a good three months there. Of course, I have the option to renew the tenancy. Unfortunately, adding up the cost of everything, it’s just not practical for me to stay there. 

It’s a 20 mile journey each way, which doesn’t sound like much, but each journey uses at least a gallon of petrol. In addition to the ridiculous costs of petrol, the fact is, I don’t like driving. I find it frustrating and it’s not environmentally friendly. 

Half of the time, mum and dad are at work, and I’m needed at home to look after the fuzzy golden creature known as Ella. This means at times, I can’t go anyway. 

Even though it’s a space I’ve always dreamed of having, I’m barely making any progress in regards to my painting. This is in part due to the fact that I don’t manage to make it to the studios very often. I need a space I can get to every day.

So, I have no more studio space in Poole. Could this be the end of my paintings? Don’t worry, certainly not! I’ve set up a little zone in the house, the very same room I lived in when I was doing the daily painting challenge. 

If anything, you’ll be seeing a lot more progress and this blog will finally be up and running again.