Pre-painting Yums no.1: White Chocolate Lindt Lindor Balls


Pre-painting Yums No.1: White Chocolate Lindt Lindor Balls

Welcome to a new thing I’m starting, Pre-painting Yums! Now, as most creatives know, sometimes a little snack or meal is required to keep up the mental energy. Join me as I take you through some of the delicious beverages and snacks that keep me going!

First up is something I discovered today whilst walking around town, Lindt chocolate balls.

But these aren’t just any Lindt chocolate balls…oh no.

These are white chocolate Lindt balls.

White chocolate happens to be a weakness of mine, as I find it really quite delicious. I have always liked the milk chocolate Lindt balls, but I saw white chocolate ones for the first time today, I just couldn’t resist.

So these little things are providing a slight sugar rush nessecary for me to paint. Right now I’m working on Christmas card ideas!

I hope you enjoyed this, and I’m sure that many more if these will follow!