‘Art in the Ark’ summer exhibition in Basingstoke!

Remember peeps, the ‘Art in the Ark’ summer exhibition opens tonight at the Ark Centre in Basingstoke! From 6pm to 8pm! Come and see!


The End of my Studio Tenancy

Well, I enjoyed my time in the little studio space I rented out in Poole. The tenancy has now ended and I’ve had a good three months there. Of course, I have the option to renew the tenancy. Unfortunately, adding up the cost of everything, it’s just not practical for me to stay there. 

It’s a 20 mile journey each way, which doesn’t sound like much, but each journey uses at least a gallon of petrol. In addition to the ridiculous costs of petrol, the fact is, I don’t like driving. I find it frustrating and it’s not environmentally friendly. 

Half of the time, mum and dad are at work, and I’m needed at home to look after the fuzzy golden creature known as Ella. This means at times, I can’t go anyway. 

Even though it’s a space I’ve always dreamed of having, I’m barely making any progress in regards to my painting. This is in part due to the fact that I don’t manage to make it to the studios very often. I need a space I can get to every day.

So, I have no more studio space in Poole. Could this be the end of my paintings? Don’t worry, certainly not! I’ve set up a little zone in the house, the very same room I lived in when I was doing the daily painting challenge. 

If anything, you’ll be seeing a lot more progress and this blog will finally be up and running again. 

My Next Painting Project – An Update…

I’ve kept this something of a secret, but I may as well tell you now. 

In the beginning of March, we are heading to Tromso in Norway, and…

we are going on a guided chase to see the northern lights!!

Apparently it’s supposed to be a period of high solar activity, which, put in simple, easy-to-understant, everyday, normal-person speak, means our chances of seeing the northern lights are pretty high!

I am currently undergoing two painting projects, so once they are completed, I will start on a series of aurora borealis paintings!

Just a little bit excited…

My 365 Day Challenge – A Painting Every Day For A Year

Hi everyone. Last October, I completed my challenge to complete a painting every day for a whole year. This challenge lasted from 22/10/10 to 21/10/12. If you would like to view the paintings please visit my Tumblr blog or you can visit my Facebook Artist Page.

Feel free to leave any feedback!

Thanks everyone.  

Ben’s Ranting – ‘How to’ art books

Hi, and welcome to what is probably a very unexpected episode of Ben’s ranting…

So..this time, it’s about instructional books that teach you how to paint, or instruct you on how to draw/paint landscapes/still life pieces etc.

I don’t know about you, but I find art exciting because it comes in so many different forms. But this is primarily focused on painting. I like painting and looking at paintings because no two pieces are the same. Every painter has his/her own approach to their work, they interpret what they see in their own way, and perhaps more importantly, they bring their own thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences into their work.

Therefore, these kinds of books irk me. They may as well be called ‘how to make tedious, ubiquitous, apathetic, and predictable paintings ever’.

If every painter followed these instructional books, every painting would be exactly the same; a boring, representational view portraying exactly what the artist see’s in front of them. I just find these kind of kitsch paintings souless.

To me, a camera is about taking a ‘pretty picture’. But paintings are so much more. The artist can incorporate their own imagery, choose their own colours, paint in whatever size brush they choose to..in short, a painter can do whatever the hell they want.

Hundreds of people paint, but nobody else is painting the way I am. I am a unique painter, because I don’t follow these instructional books. I bring whatI see into the painting, and I bring what feel into the painting. Nobody else goes on my walks, listens to the music I’m listening to when I’m out, or experiences what I feel when I’m out. It’s emotions and experiences that bring life to a painting and make it unique. 

A ‘good’ painting isn’t one that depicts a vista or scene exactly, but one that physically explores the medium of paint, and brings the physical aspect of it to life.