2012 going on 2013

Well good day to you fellow internet browser.

I thought I’d take some time out of my day to write a little blog post here. As the curtains fall on 2012, 2013 is waiting to make it’s entrance. I can honestly say that this has been an incredible year, not just for me, but for Britain as a nation.

Where shall I start? Well the two major events that made Britain the focal point of most television sets of the world this year are the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and the London 2012 Olympic games. There is nothing I love more than seeing a nation united together, and these two events did just that, unite our nation.

Despite it raining most of the summer, the Jubilee celebrations just showed that the Brits won’t let the weather dampen their spirits (if you pardon the pun there). I’m not sure that the Queen enjoyed cruising down the Thames in the rain, but with Prince Philip by her side, they stuck it out. The Pall Mall was alive with the crowds of London, who had come to see some big names perform outside of Buckingham Palace. It truly was a celebration to remember.

However, without a shadow of a doubt, the highlight of 2012 was the Olympic games. Now, I have to admit, I was surprised by how it all came together so smoothly. I honestly thought that, knowing Britain’s love for scaffolding and traffic cones, that this wouldn’t be anything spectacular. I thought the buildings would still be under construction, that some lanes of the sports track would be coned off, with builders walking over to the long jump pit with a shovel to borrow some sand.

How wrong I was. I was blown away by the opening ceremony. It was a bright and colourful reminder of everything that makes and has made Britain great, including the Industrial Revolution and a touching tribute to the NHS. I for one was happy to see such our healthcare system recognised at such an event. Our nurses and doctors work around the clock, working for peanuts (and by that I mean a low wage, not literally peanuts, they’re not elephants) and are under immense pressure and stress all the time. It’s a system that we take for granted. We may not like paying taxes, but it was a wonderful reminder of how our money goes towards such a system to help us. We are very fortunate to have the NHS.

On top of that, the queen jumping out of the plane was unbelievable! (Ok, so it wasn’t really the Queen, it was obviously a stuntman). Still, I think it say a lot about our the harmless humour and cheek of our nation. The fact that we can portray our Queen in such a way, (and even make light fun of her) in such a way is another reminder of what makes Britain great.

I found it truly inspiring to see so many countries brought together in such an event. Although I think the announcer was making half of them up, I’d never heard of the majority of those nations!

And of course, let’s not forget the starts of the event, the athletes themselves. For such a comparatively small nation, Britain did so well to win the number of gold medals it did. However, it’s not all about the medals. For once, just once, it was incredible to see real athletes, real talent, real inspiration on our screens. For too long now, programs such as the X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Jeremy Kyle and Big Brother have just broadcast mediocrity, putting our nation to shame. I don’t care if some spotty brat can barely sing Michael Buble, I don’t care if some greasy haired lard arse got his sister pregnant and cheated on her with his cousin on the Jeremy Kyle show, and I don’t care if some orange, bleached hair, Geordie bimbo drank her housemate’s Five Alive in the Big Brother prison. And I certainly don’t care that Coleen Rooney and Kim Kardashian are expecting. No. I care about the REAL talent, about the people who have trained every single day of their athletic career, the people who have sacrificed relationships and social lives to be where they are. Jessica Ennis, and Moe Farrah? People like them DESERVE to be broadcast, to be loved and admired. These are the people Britain should be looking up to. ┬áNot duck-face ‘Jordan’, REAL people who have WORKED to be where they are. I apologise for the rant there, but that needed to be said.

So, in my view, that is what made the 2012 games so special and something to remember. Remember, Britain did that. We produced these athletes. It shows what we are capable of as a nation.

Now I’ll move onto the more selfish part of this, which is why 2012 has been a fantastic year for me.

Well, for starters I am feeling a lot more happy and positive. I started counselling and I am seeing a new life coach who is helping me to gain some direction in life. So in terms of that, I am improving as a person, which is always a good thing!

2012 is also the year that I took a big step in my life. It’s the year I went to explore New Zealand. Yes, after spending 24 hours in a tube of farts, watching about ten films, and stuffing my face with surprisingly good airline food, I arrived on the other side of the world. It was a phenomenal experience, not just because I got to see a dear friend who lives out there, but because I made new ones, and the experiences I had. A skydive and white water rafting are pretty wild for me! But the people I met made that trip very special, and I’ll always be grateful for their company and kindness.

I am running out of time so I’ll wrap this up. That was why 2012 was such a great year for me and our country. And that’s why 2013 has such great potential already, because as a country, we can be great, and achieve amazing things. And you can too. Just remember all that you’ve accomplished in your life, have you gone to uni? Gone travelling? Obtained a degree? Gotten a promotion? A new job? Remember all of those accomplishments and how they made that time great. And if remember that, you can accomplish even more this coming year, and make 2013 a truly spectacular time of your life.

Happy New Year everyone!